Community Involvement

Community involvement and giving back are integral parts of who I am. This passion began in high school when I initiated free cheer and dance camps for rural communities each summer. I also co-founded the Gay-Straight Alliance at my school and volunteered with the Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS throughout the year. My commitment to equity for all, sharing knowledge, and providing help whenever possible remains unshakeable.

Over the years, I've participated on various boards and committees in a myriad of organizations. These roles allowed me to give back, steer the course of these incredible organizations, and make a positive impact in the communities or fields they serve. As a board member, I deliver collaboration, commitment, and leadership, recognizing that our decisions influence not just the organization but also those it assists.

These experiences have provided a unique blend of service and learning, often broadening my understanding of different industries, processes, and communities.

Boards of Directors

Director of Community Partnerships + Sponsorship 2022 to Present

Austin Women in Technology (AWT) | Austin, TX

I am responsible for identifying and fostering relationships with other non-profit and for-profit organizations in Austin who align with AWT's mission and goals and/or bridge gaps for our member base that is not fulfilled by AWT's offerings. I am also responsible for securing corporate and other in-kind sponsorships to fund AWT. I have three chairs who support the efforts of the team and for the betterment of AWT. 

Notable projects & achievements include: 

  • Built and launched a community calendar on the AWT website featuring events from our community partners and other technology groups in Austin.
  • Secured multiple sponsorships, including a platinum-level sponsor, in 2023 as a direct impact of our engagement and collaboration in the Austin community.
  • Build and foster relationships with over fifteen partner organizations. 
  • Attend partner events to drive membership and sponsorship for AWT.
  • Manage co-hosted events with other aligned organizations in Austin to better utilize resources and efforts for event planning. 
  • Secured various press, awards, and public relations opportunities. 
Vice President of Technology - 2022 to Present

League of Women Voters of Texas (LWV Texas) | Austin, TX

I am responsible for strategic advisement of technology operations best practices for the LWV Texas board and staff. 

Notable projects & achievements include: 

  • Currently working on a complete website and technology strategy overhaul for efficiency gains and to modernize the technology presence of The League of Women Voters of Texas internally and externally. 
  • Attended the League of Women Voters of the United States National Council Conference in June 2023 as the representative from the Texas state board. 
  • Created and implemented tech-ops best practices throughout the organization. 
  • Strategically advised and implemented Google Suite best practices for Gmail, Google Drive, Google Groups, and management of the website and membership CMS platform, Club Express. 
  • Transitioned the Texas site to GA-4 and implemented specific web and link tracking on the website to provide better visibility to the state board and national staff. 
  • Secured volunteers for the technology team to support data analysis and automation projects. 
Fundraising & Marketing Chair - 2011 to 2014

Legacy Counseling Center | Dallas, TX

I was responsible for event management and promotion throughout the year, working to secure venues, sponsors, speakers, donations, and more. I served on the board for almost four years before exiting upon moving to Houston, Texas.  

Mentorship & Community Involvement

Mentor - 2023 to Present

STEM Muse | Austin, TX

STEM Muse is a community and a mentorship program with in-person programming that cultivates a network, creates career opportunities, and fosters a sense of belonging for women in STEM. My first mentee was a molecular biology doctorate student at The University of Texas seeking guidance on how to navigate the transition from hard science to a non-science career. 

Event Co-Chair - January 2024

United Nations World Logic Day Austin | National 

World Logic Day is a United Nations sanctioned event, convening the brightest minds who strive to use logic to drive effective decision making. UN World Logic Day is present in over 33 countries across the globe, with Austin hosting the United States programming for the third year in a row. 

The 2024 event included three days of programming, with 900+ attendees, 200+ speakers, 45+ community partners, and a local and global reach to a variety of communities. 

As a co-chair, I was responsible for promoting the event to the Austin community to drive attendance, source speakers, partners, and other subject matter experts for various programming, and assist with various planning and operations tasks leading up to the event. 

Community Cohesion Committee Co-Chair 2023 to 2024

Austin Coalition for Technology Collaboration | Austin, TX

The Austin Coalition for Technoloy Collaboration is a brain trust of technology company leaders and executives in Austin who convene quarterly to discuss the challenges faced by Austin related to the technology industry. 

Four sub-committees exist that focus on:

  • Workforce training, hiring, upskilling and how to get locals hired by local companies.
  • Creating a strong sense of community to the workers in Austin, while working with partner organizations to consolidate event planning efforts.
  • Infrastructure and resource planning.
  • Global research and technology sector diversification. 

I served on the community cohesion committee. I had a heavy hand in our first initiative: creating a brand-agnostic community calendar to consolidate the hundreds of events offered to the tech community throughout the year. 

CX Advisory Panel - 2021 to 2022

University of Houston, C.T. Bauer College of Business | Houston, TX 

I was responsible for attending and auditing a ten-month online CX course offered by the university. Panelists would meet once a quarter with the university to provide feedback and offer recommendations to improve content.

Mentor - 2020 to 2022

Built By Girls - Wave Program | National

I mentored a young woman or non-binary individual aged 15 to 22 each quarter. The mentees were interested in pursuing the technology sector, often seeking guidance on navigating careers, work-life-balance, and more. 

Fundraising Event Auction Supervisor - 2011 to 2014

AIN | Dallas, TX                                                                                                                 

Volunteer - 2008 to 2010

Legal Hospice of Texas | Dallas, TX                                                                            

Event Steering Committee - 2004 to 2011

Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA) | Dallas, TX

I supported planning and execution efforts for the largest annual DIFFA Dallas event each year, raising six figures to be distributed to other non-profits in the community. Most years I was responsible for executing the live and silent auctions during the annual event.