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Emily Gupton is a based in Austin Texas. She has a variety of experience in various industries but her superpower is connecting people. She currently serves as COO for FOLIO. She also volunteers for Austin Women in Technology and The League of Women Voters of Texas. Emily holds a variety of speaking and media opportunities as part of her involvement in the technology community in Austin, Texas. She loves hosting conference stages, moderating panels, and participating on panels in the technology and business industries. 

Awards & Nominations

January 2024

Austin Woman Magazine - 2024 Change Maker Award Recipient πŸ”—

Comprised of woman and femme-identifying folks who are making significant and intentional strides to uplift Austin’s community. This list represents phenomenal names in business, tech, art, activism, C-suite, education and professional development, as well as people elected to seats of influence by the community, for the community.

November 2023

Austin Business Journal - Austin Women In Technology - InnoFire Award Nominee πŸ”—

Austin's booming startup scene has produced countless success stories. The annual Inno Fire Awards aims to highlight companies and non-profits that have had big wins over the past year. Ausitn Women in Technology was a nominee of the 2023 Inno Fire Awards list in the non-profit and venture capital category. Austin Women in Technology received this nomination during Emily's board tenure as Community Partnerships Director.

July 2023
Austin Business Journal - 2023 Women in Business Nominee πŸ”—

These women forged their own path and developed their own leadership principles. They have something to offer the next generation of women leaders, and have made a difference in their communities, blazed new trails, and are leaving a mark on Central Texas business.

Panels + Live Speaking Engagements

KCD Texas is an event organized by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) volunteers to help unite the Kubernetes community in Texas for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration. I opened the conference and introduced the keynote speakers on the main stage. I introduced each panelist and workshop host throughout the day, and hosted a strategic and collaborative ideation session called "Open Spaces" with conference attendees.

March 2024
Panelist - Off-Book SXSW EventπŸ”—

Panel: Building Ecosystems for Startup Communities

I spoke on a panel with other community builders in Austin and beyond about the wins and challenges associated with building ecosystems and sustainable communities to support startup founders and companies. We dove into the successes and hardships each of us faced the last year, and how we cross-collaborate to drive a better support network for not only our startup founders, but for our organizational communities as well. 

February 2024
Panel Moderator + Headliner Stage Host - CIVO Navigate North America 2024πŸ”—

Panel: Women In Tech: Beyond the Job

CIVO Navigate North America is a two-day tech event packed with talks and workshops focused on navigating and succeeding within the cloud native landscape. I moderated the Women In Tech Panel on the Headliner Stage on February 21, 2024. I also hosted the headliner stage, announcing each of the panels and panelists as they come on stage.

January 2024

Panelist United Nations World Logic Day

Panel: The Future of Community and Community Builders

Organized speakers and participated on the panel about community building for UN World Logic Day in 2024. We dove into the future of community building, exploring innovative approaches, emerging trends, and the transformative power of interconnected communities large and small.

September 2023
Moderator of Headliner Panel Applied Intelligence Live πŸ”—

Panel: Women Leaders in Tech: Shaping the Future of Enterprises and Society

Moderated the "Women In Tech" headliner panel for the two-day IoT and emerging technologies conference, Applied Intelligence Live! in Austin, Texas.


March 2024
Emily Gupton on Grit House Daily Podcast

Is AI Making Upskilling A Requirement?

In this episode of The Grit Daily House Podcast hailing from SXSW, Emily Gupton, hosted Ahura AI's COO, Alex Tsado, and Learning + Experience Designer, Maria Laws on the company's initiatives and how AI is impacting upskilling. Technology is advancing so quickly. We visited about how Ahura can help you tackle that as an individual, leader, or organization. 

πŸ”—Will post soon!

January 2024
Emily Gupton on The Network Podcast πŸ”—

Fostering Follow Up

In this episode of The Network Podcast, we had the honor of speaking with Emily Gupton, the Chief Operations Officer of FOLIO and the Director of Community Partnerships for Austin Women in Technology. We connected about the importance of understanding that we're all people at heart when it comes to building relationships and how the translates into effective & actionable ways to engage with your network both personally and professionally.

πŸ”— Listen on The Network Podcast

December 2023
Emily Gupton on the Austin Tech Connect Podcast πŸ”—

UN World Logic Day + Community Building

Welcome to Austin Tech Connect. Today's episode looks at the upcoming UN World Logic Day in Austin, Texas. This is an international event that will take place in 33 countries in the month of January. Like all things Austin., our event is unique and we want the whole tech community to participate. In this episode we visit with the Austin hosts and one of the Austin co-chairs, Emily Gupton to tell us about the event.

Emily Gupton and Chris Fronda have both been on this podcast in the past, and they are joined by Chelsea Toler.

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September 2023
Emily Gupton on the Austin Forum on Technology and Society Podcast πŸ”—

E68 - The Many Benefits of Gender Diversity in Tech Innovation

Emily Gupton of Austin Women in Technology joins Austin Forum executive director Jay Boisseau to talk about the lack of gender diversity in the tech sector, the many reasons, and why gender diversity is good not just for women but for companies and innovations. The conversation covers the may reasons for this gender imbalance, both historical and current, and discusses the current situation and how thins are changing (slowly). Most Importantly, Emily shares what tech companies - and professionals of all genders - can do better to help attract, retain, and promote women in tech.

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May 2023
Austin Women in Technology on the Austin Tech Connect Podcast πŸ”—

In this week's episode, Thom Singer sits down with Heather Trumpfheller and Emily Gupton from AWT to hear about all they do to serve the Austin community.

Austin Women in Technology ( is a 501c3 non-profit organization that empowers women in the technology industry in Austin. AWT was founded in 1992 with the goal of helping women in tech advance their careers, build professional networks, and develop leadership skills. AWT hosts regular events and workshops, as well as a mentorship program, to connect women in the technology industry with resources and opportunities to help them succeed in their careers. Additionally, AWT promotes diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and works to increase the representation of women in leadership positions.

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April 2023
Data Science Salon - Data Science Salon Break πŸ”—

How Female Forward Communities in Tech Make a Difference

Celebrating the last week of Women’s Month 2023, this week’s #DSSBreak edition is giving those communities a voice that are on a mission to close the gender gap in tech. I’m excited to talk to Lori Rodriguez, US Chapter President at Women in Tech and Emily Gupton, Director of Community Partnerships at Austin Women in Technology and learn more about their community goals, initiatives for this year, and why female forward communities are still much needed in the industry #womenintech #womenindata #womenshistorymonth

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January 2024
World Logic Day in Austin Engages Community Leaders to Address the World's Problems Silicon Hills News πŸ”—

Bringing the United Nations, local, and global leaders together to solve big issues.

January 2024
World Logic Day – An Intersection of Minds, Global Leaders, and Building Solutions AP News πŸ”—

March 2023
Celebrating Women's History Month Austin Women in Technology on Studio512 KXAN πŸ”—


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